Move your way to motivation


We are one week into the self-care challenge! Can you believe how quickly time is going!? I was just sitting today in my wonderful bliss of morning meditation when the simplest thought popped into my head.

Motivation is not found in the mind chatter and conversation, it is in the simplicity of getting about your business. 


What is your self-worth?

Self-worth comes from one thing - copy

When was the last time you sat down and thought about your self-worth? Broke down the time you spend giving to others and putting your own needs on the back burner? You know the drill, you tend to everyone else’s needs and get to you IF you have time at the end of the day or week.

I get you sweetness. I spent most of my life on the back bench right next to you, waiting my turn for my own attention. People pleaser at my best. Loved people loving me, hated people not thinking I was ace. My self-worth was attached to the value others placed on me. The need for others to love and to validate my standing in this world.

Path to your worth is never dependant on what others think of you or how they view you. The only thing that it really matters is how you view yourself, because how much worth you place on you is directly related to how much you invest in every aspect of you and your life. It’s also reflected in your relationship with others.

Shitty relationship? Yep, reflection of the worth you assign to you. Don’t get me wrong, someone’s inability to treat others with love and respect is not your responsibility and as sure as hell not your fault, but you determine if you allow it in your life. You can not control how others behave but you absolutely can control how and if you react to you. We have a choice in how we want the story of our lives to play out and it starts with our self-worth.

If you don’t feel like you are worthy of love and nurture, than love and nurture is not what you will seek in your relationships, jobs or food for that matter. The brilliance of this is that once you recognise it, you are in complete control of changing it. In fact, you start changing your destiny the very second you recognise this lesson and that light to your own worth switches on.

All the love, care and warmth you seek from the world, give to yourself first. Turn your attention back to you, recognise that self-worth is not a nice to have but rather essential to creating the life you dream of. Turn inwards and ask yourself this very simple question, what is my worth? Look yourself in the mirror and repeat the wonderful words of Louise Hay “I love and accept myself just the way I am.” See what comes up. Watch with curiosity what feelings this brings up and your reaction to it. Make this part of commitment to self-care and love and include it in your daily routine.

Why do all this? Well in the words of L’oreal “because you’re worth it!”.

Share in the comments below what comes up for you with this exercise at the start as well as after a few days.


Most crucial step in self care


Day two of the challenge and you are thinking prioritising yourself is a struggle!

We wake up in the morning with every intention of making today the day we follow our self care routine to the tee and float through our day on the cloud of peace and whole lot of self lovin’ because we spent our morning meditating, doing an hour of yoga or a run, and saving the world while we were at it.


Self care routine to rock your day

self care

Over the last (nearly!) twelve months I have written about my love of yoga and meditation many times. Both practices ground me immensely, provide me with beautiful moments of peace and clarity and I always walk away feeling completely zen-ed out and ready to tackle the world (or at least my day). They are my favourite tools in my self care toolbox.


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