The power of accepting yourself


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In my mid twenties I went to see a psychologist who with one innocent question changed how I viewed my own beauty forever. I was speaking to her about some career decisions I needed to make and in the midst of my story of what I should do she asked me if I had ever considered doing modelling. Now I am sure she had a perfectly valid reason for asking me that, but in that moment, the question enraged me so much and was the beginning of my denial of my femininity.


Releasing attachment to sense of self

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Last night, as I was getting ready for bed and  preparing for what is to come today, I made a mental note to write today’s blog post when I woke up. The plan was set. Until I woke up at 3am with a story bursting to be told. So I, like any other writer who gets a hit of inspiration at odd hours, took my phone out and Whatsapp-ed myself the ideas that were pouring out of me. And at 7am this morning, inspiration hit once again and there was no choice but to pull out my Mac and start typing.

A conversation I had with a friend  the other day about the importance of releasing our attachment to our egos and seeing and treating the world around us from the place of love has been echoing in my mind so it is no wonder inspiration hit me at 3am.


Are you inspirationally fatigued?

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It has been over two weeks since I last wrote a blog post. This was not planned. Wasn’t even a thought i entertained and yet it just happened. One moment I was riding high on a cloud of inspiration and next I was landing flat on my face. I was inspirationally fatigued.

Since Jan 1 hit this year my life has been moving at an incredibly rapid pace. I by nature am allergic to the slower pace of anything however after five months of travelling at the dizzying heights of all things inspiring, I finally hit the mother of all inspiration and then crashing down toward earth like a speeding bullet.


A decision that changed my entire life (and can change yours too)!

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Twelve months ago I started writing a blog with a main purpose to share with you what I knew about building a life you love and one that is authentic to who you are and what your desires are.

As the months rolled on and I wrote more and more, I received emails from different folks telling me how much what I was writing meant to them and the comfort it provided them through their moments of change and shifts. Well you can only imagine the happy little dance my heart did every time I received one of these beautiful messages.

They also got me thinking about how else I could help. I have a crazy love affair with all things humans and helping those around me live that much better, and smile that much wider. I get a high from seeing someone dream their dreams and live their desires and cry happy tears anytime another finds the love they are looking for within themselves and watch their external life become a reflection of that new found love.


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